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Cooperativa Sociale
Sede legale: via Milazzo 30,
40121 Bologna / T. 051 841206
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Open Group’s roots are in its name: a social company open to dialogue, debate and collaboration with others who share its spirit and values. We work with a constant view to build partnerships and relationships so that we can bring innovation and fresh ideas to our company.

The group

Open Group is not only a cooperative enterprise but is also at the centre of a corporate group comprising three entities.

This is our group organisation chart.

  • Be Open s.r.l (100% subsidiary) is our communication and production company. It works in audio and digital content. It designs and carries out communication campaigns; it creates visual design and video production; it produces podcasts and audio materials (from script development to content management, from sound design to post-production and broadcasting).
  • Open Immobiliare s.r.l (100% subsidiary) manages the real estate assets owned by the cooperative and provides management and administration services. It also carries out these services for the facilities under its management.
  • Open Event s.r.l (50% owned by Open Group, 50% by Eventeria) was created in 2019 to manage DumBO, the temporary urban regeneration project of the former Ravone railway yard in Bologna, owned by FS Sistemi Urbani.

Investee companies

Fondazione Policlinico Sant’Orsola: in 2019, Open Group was among the founding entities of this foundation. Its objective is to promote projects aimed at improving assistance and care in the spaces of the historic Sant’Orsola Polyclinic. We are also a member of the Board of Directors.

Banca Etica, Emil Banca and Banca di Bologna: our links with banking institutions complement and underline the many relations we have within the local area, which are not limited to specific activities, but allow us to strike the right balance through close collaborations with economic and financial partners.

Cooperfidi: we participate in the national body that offers guarantees for Italian cooperatives. It provides credit institutions with first demand guarantees at low costs in order to allow cooperative enterprises to access credit on favourable terms.

Bit Purple: Open Group is an investor partner in this company and enjoys continuous participation. Bit Purple is a web agency that deals with the development and management of websites and apps.

Armadilla Onlus: as subsidising partner, we participate in this organisation which operates in the field of international cooperation. Together with Armadilla we run service design and participatory training projects in Lebanon and Syria.


Consorzio l’Arcolaio: we are part of the Consortium together with 14 other cooperative enterprises. The objective is to foster the development of social cooperation in local services, including those that support people experiencing situations of vulnerability or social exclusion. We manage reception services for migrants, adults and minors. Our networking supports the experimentation of new service models and new forms of relationships between public, private and collective actors within local communities.

Consorzio Scu.Ter: the consortium is composed of social enterprises based in the Bologna area that aim to relaunch educational and school support services for children and adolescents. Innovation, research and community are the keywords of Scu.Ter.


Legacoop Bologna: we are a member of the Lega delle Cooperative di Bologna, an association representing Bologna’s cooperatives, enterprises and organisations belonging to the Lega Nazionale delle Cooperative e Mutue.

CNCA: we are part of the National Coordination of Welcoming Communities. It is an association that specialises in social betterment with close to 250 member organisations. It operates in all areas where hardship and marginalisation are present, with the aim of promoting citizenship rights and social welfare.

Impronta Etica: we participate in the non-profit association for the promotion and development of sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR).
Digicoop: we participate in the consortium of independent publishers which is a member of CulTurMedia. CulTurMedia is a sector of Legacoop that brings together cooperatives operating within the fields of cultural heritage and entertainment, tourism and communication.

ComeTe: we participate in this network of services geared towards the care and well-being of the family. The service was created to propose a customised response: from basic home care to care in a facility; from individualised educational projects to specialised professional advice. The network aims to increase the innovative capacity and competitiveness of its member companies. The services are offered both to private individuals and as corporate welfare.

All Digital: a network representing 25,000 digital competence centres in 32 European countries, among them, our ABC Digital.

ARFIE (Association for Research and Training on Integration in Europe): we are part of this European NGO founded in 1992. Its objective is to improve support, social inclusion and accessibility of services for people with disabilities and mental health problems with a focus on quality staff training.
Dynamo International: an organisation that brings together people working and/or living on the street to increase the efficiency and quality of practices through training, exchange and implementation of educational tools.

Federazione Italiana Organismi per le Persone Senza Dimora (FIOPSD) (Italian Federation of Organisations for Homeless People): in 2015 Open Group joined the association which pursues social solidarity in the field of severe adult marginalisation and homelessness.

Naufragi: we are part of the Naufragi association which is made up of third sector organisations active in combating social exclusion and promoting culture. Its objective is to promote events that disseminate social culture and establish a permanent workshop for the creative realisation of strategies and policies based on inclusion.

Reseau Entraprendre: we’re part of this international network of entrepreneurial associations which specialises in entrepreneurial coaching. Our aim is to contribute to the success of those entering the business world for the first time. We offer free, down-to-earth, financial coaching from senior companies.