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Cooperativa Sociale
Sede legale: via Milazzo 30,
40121 Bologna / T. 051 841206
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We are a cooperative made up of members and employees who are passionately devoted to the development and sustainability of our region.
We innovate, look to the future and adapt to changing times, but we are also anchored to our values.
We are oriented towards sustainability and believe in ethical choices.

We work in the social world; we take care of vulnerable people. We educate children using digital tools, while letting them grow up surrounded by greenery. We help those with addiction problems, we support those who need a home. We use creativity to guide people with disabilities on the road to autonomy.
We curate archives, catalogue books and act as cultural mediators in museums. We communicate through cooperation. We design new trajectories together with people and communities to foresee and adapt to the changes of tomorrow.

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Organisational Chart


Code of Ethics


What we believe in

Our values are the basis of our culture and our daily commitment. We believe in the well-being of the people who work in Open Group and we invest in the growth of our local community.

We have accepted the challenge to create a sustainable future: we innovate our growth strategies every day to help achieve the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

open desire

Our space for reflection on the Open Group community. Through this project, we aim to define together our idea of welfare and well-being in the cooperative. We believe effective actions begin with desires.

open future

Well-being, sustainability, innovation. We interweave the development threads of our cooperative enterprise with the values of its members and employees.

open learning

We put the growth of the people of Open Group at the centre of our work: we offer training, continuous updates on topics and strategic tools for the success of everyone in their career paths.