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Cooperativa Sociale
Sede legale: via Milazzo 30,
40121 Bologna / T. 051 841206
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Family support

Minors and families


The social emergency service is our response to the need for speedier critical interventions. This service responds to particularly serious situations involving minors that occur outside the opening hours of municipal services. Open Group manages this service in the Alto Ferrarese area.

Info and contacts: Ambra Gardinali, | tel. 348 2570170


Cicogna is an ‘experimental community of networked families’ that welcomes children aged up to 6 years old who have been removed from their families of origin due to them experiencing situations of serious prejudice.

Cicogna integrates a daycare facility, similar to a pre-school, with a volunteer family. Educators manage the children’s family projects and relations with institutions while the volunteer family, which is assessed and trained by the Centre for Families, takes care of the child for the duration of the project.

Info and contacts: Anna Braca, | tel. 320 1710230

Educational projects

Home-based social support

The service is directed towards minors and works through the mobilisation of home-based projects. Open Group operates in collaboration with ASP Città di Bologna and Unione Associata dei Comuni dell’Alto Ferrarese.
We offer support to the parent-child or relative-minor relationship. Our priority is to guarantee the child’s right to their own family, overcoming the conflict that exists between protecting the child and safeguarding the relationship with their family of origin.

Info and contacts: Ambra Gardinali, | tel. 348 2570170

Supervised visitations

We run this service together with ASP Città di Bologna and Unione Associata dei Comuni dell’Alto Ferrarese. Our aim is to foster the maintenance or reconstruction of relationships between children and parents after separation, high conflict divorce, custody, or serious and deep family crises. We carry out our activities in compliance with the requirements set out by the Judicial Authority in close cooperation with the local Social Service.

Info and contacts: Ambra Gardinali, | tel. 348 2570170

Child Neuropsychiatry

Through individual meetings with minors, we provide them and their families with support in daily activities. We work on enhancing autonomy and skills across a broad spectrum, not just those areas related to academic performance. This is a service of the AUSL Neuropsychiatry of Bologna and province and of the AUSL of Ferrara and province.

Info and contacts: Lucia Bonafede, | tel. 346 3015121

Centres for Families

We manage a number of services within the Centres for Families of our territory: Ferrara, Cento, Piacenza. The Centres offer quick and functional access to information that is useful for daily family life, based on what the local area offers. Within the Centre for Families of the Municipality of Ferrara we deal with the planning, organisation and management of services in the areas of information, support for parenting skills and development of family and community resources. We manage the ‘Comunque papà’ (However Dad) project, offering parental support for fathers in detention and counselling for new mothers. In Piacenza we run two information desks for families and children and a desk that provides information on opportunities offered by current legislation to families and minors. We offer couples counselling and educational-relational counselling for single people, couples and groups of parents.

Info and contacts: Ambra Gardinali, | tel. 348 2570170

Young people

Street education

The work of our Street Education teams is split into three main strands: community work, development of the wellbeing of young people in the area and the promotion of youth protagonism. With this approach, the street and the togetherness it encourages become places of identity and education. The street represents a symbolic context as well as a functional one; it is here that individual and group stories intersect and it is from the street that questions about meaning and needs arise. The street is, therefore, a unique space in which answers can be found. Open Group does not think of the street as a place of risk, but as a place where relationships and occurrences can become educational.

Coordinator: Marcello Lolli, | 349 9019252
Supervisor: Alessandro Chalambalakis, | 346 3015804

Gathering spaces 

We organise and manage multi-purpose centres where boys and girls can meet and develop new skills through recreational, educational and cultural activities. These spaces are points of meeting and socialisation that young people can access directly. Activities and initiatives thus become opportunities to develop responsibility, commitment, education for cooperation and solidarity. The activities aim to involve the widest number of adolescents and young people possible: the objective is to give life to dynamic participation processes that foster the development and promotion of youth protagonism, active citizenship, skills acquisition and community development.

Our spaces include: Officina Polo Culturale, Spazio Eco, Spazio Afterhours.

Supervisor: Alessandro Chalambalakis, | 346 3015804

Social withdrawal

We offer educational support to counter the phenomenon of social withdrawal. Social withdrawal affects those young people who shut themselves away at home and abandon friendships, often replacing them with frenetic internet and social media activity. Our team is a multidisciplinary équipe of psychologists, psychotherapists and professional educators.

Supervisor: Andrea Gori, | 345 5575447

Mutual self-help groups

Caregiver support

We organise courses of psychological support to help and support caregivers and parents.

Being a parent is a difficult job. Being a parent of a child with a physical or cognitive disability is even more complex. The aim of our meetings is to develop the capacity not to lose focus on oneself and on our relationship. Psychological support helps to metabolise feelings of sadness, anxiety and depression by paving the way for acceptance.

Info and contacts: Andrea Gori, | 345 5575447

Centro Senza Fili

Senza Fili is a space of listening and support. It is a centre that’s close to young people and their families during every stage of life. It builds its programmes around the individual’s needs, starting in early childhood and continuing throughout all stages of development. Centro Senza Fili welcomes requests with attentive and specialised care, guaranteeing a full personalization of each service. It is located in Bologna and was born out of the marked experience of Open Group and Cadiai, in collaboration with Anastasis.

Info and contacts: | tel. 051 5285122