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Cooperativa Sociale
Sede legale: via Milazzo 30,
40121 Bologna / T. 051 841206
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Cultural heritages management


We offer innovative solutions tailored to our client’s needs. Our professionals support organisations and companies to optimise archive management at every stage, from the streamlining of IT protocol to the development of dynamic dataflow. The aim is to ensure the easy retrieval of data and documents. We collaborate with state and regional bodies to compile and reorganise inventories of historical archives. We provide training for adults, schools and administrative staff.

Info and contacts: Costanza Righi, | 347 7276505


We provide cataloguing, referencing and library lending services. We oversee computerised management of user data in compliance with the law on privacy and bibliographic searches. We also deal with document selection and purchase, promotion of heritage, monitoring and evaluation of services as well as the caretaking of premises. We organise workshops, readings and conferences for different age groups. We work for close to 100 customers in the Emilia-Romagna region and in the Veneto region: mainly, in the Municipality of Bologna, the Municipality of Modena, the Municipality of San Lazzaro di Savena (BO).

Coordinator: Argia Bertoni, | 339 1456420

Supervisor: Costanza Righi, | 347 7276505


Open Group oversees the management, conservation and enrichment of museum heritage. Among the services we provide are: reception services, ticket office management, bookshop management, surveillance, caretaking of premises, planning and management of guided tours and educational workshops. In Bologna, Open Group manages the Museo di Palazzo Poggi (Palazzo Poggi Museum), the Museo della Specola (Specola Museum), the Museo del Risorgimento (Renaissance Museum) and the Museo Europeo degli Studenti (European Student Museum). We offer companies and public bodies reception, switchboard and front office services as well as mail sorting, access control, concierge and security services.

Coordinator: Sara Livotto, | 348 7000587

Supervisor: Costanza Righi, | 347 7276505