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Cooperativa Sociale
Sede legale: via Milazzo 30,
40121 Bologna / T. 051 841206
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Social report

Social report 2021



In 2021, Open Group was back on track. Although the pandemic remained a major concern, our cooperative had consolidated its presence in the areas and territories where it operates. The organisation’s turnover grew compared to 2020 by almost 25%, exceeding 25 million. It reached a profit of over €170,000 net extraordinary income.

At the same time, the number of members and employees grew. Thanks to this increase, Open Group’s mission to ‘pursue the general interests of the community in the human advancement and social integration of its citizens, favouring the improvement of the economic, social and professional conditions of its members’ (ex art. 4 Open Group Statute) has advanced.

These promising numbers speak to important achievements in two areas. The first one is the internal reorganisation, carried out by the management, which simplified organisational flows and created an incentives system.

Second is the streamlining of services; we divested critical assets, including the Splendor Laundry, which was sold in August. We’ve focused on strengthening and expanding the services in which the cooperative can add greater value, both in terms of profit and of our values.

As the Board of directors, we have begun broadening the development vision to include the subsidiary companies Open Immobiliare (100%) and Be Open (100%) and the investee company Open Event (50%). We have identified three development drivers for each company: environmental sustainability, digital and urban regeneration. The ‘next’ Open Group, the future of our organisation, will be built around these three drivers.

Giovanni Dognini,
Open Group President 

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